What is SureLead?

SalesStaff’s solution to instantly deliver fresh sales leads direct to your CRM.

SureLead seamlessly integrates SalesStaff’s lead production with your CRM to provide real-time visibility on MQLs, SQLs, ROI and much more. You know what’s happening with your lead generation program as it happens. Say goodbye to tedious forms and time-wasting spreadsheets, and say hello to the convenience of instant analytics. Stay connected with SalesStaff!

Real-Time ROI

Forget waiting for that production report to ding your inbox. Stop waiting for that return call. With SureLead, ROI tracking is updated in real-time within your CRM so you can measure and monitor your demand generation investment anytime, anywhere. SureLead takes the guess-work out of demand generation.

A Big Time-Saver

Since leads, prospects, and appointments are now updated in real-time — and accessible 24/7 via your CRM — SureLead gives you the data and the time to follow-up faster than ever before. No more hassling with Excel. No more annoying forms to fill out.

It Works Everywhere

SureLead is universally compatible, meaning it works seamlessly with every CRM and marketing automation platform. Microsoft Dynamics. Salesforce.com. HubSpot. Doesn’t matter. It just works. And the best part? We manage all the moving parts so you don’t have to. Our team will work directly with your CRM administrator to make the process simple, elegant, and easy to implement.