This is a must-have document for any B2B company researching lead generation vendors. You will be served well in asking your prospective lead generation/appointment setting companies the revealing insider questions featured in this free resource.

The answers will offer you enormous insight into:

  • The vendor’s Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs)
  • What to expect in the appointment process
  • The degree of transparency offered by the vendor
  • Pricing model specifics
  • The company’s capabilities
  • Potential synergy with your organization
  • Expected results

As a leading provider of pay-per-performance qualified appointment setting, we’re peeling back the curtain and revealing which questions you should ask a prospective vendor to ensure that you’re maximizing your ROI with an lead generation/appointment setting firm.

In this checklist, we give you 50 questions you need to ask as you research potential lead generation partners.

We hope you find this resource useful to the advancement of your sales plans, and encourage you to consider our pay-per-performance appointment setting and lead generation services.

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