SalesStaff Methodology for producing it sales leads

IT sales leadsGenerating quality IT sales leads has become increasingly challenging. With an array of vendors competing for the same audience, marketers have found it necessary to refine their approach to IT sales lead generation. Demand generation has gone from an art to a science. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips from our own lead nurturing methodology.


The SalesStaff story is deeply rooted in the Information Technology industry with more than 25 years experience of “C” level leadership in both application and infrastructure solution companies. Our advisers saw the need to support true sales “closers” with actionable opportunities through a consistent and sustainable flow of technology sales leads. Having come from the IT world, our advisers created sound IT sales outsourcing principals designed around complex-sale environments that support actionable sales opportunity development. Our belief is “closers” should be selling and not prospecting.


Our primary objective is to become an extension of your sales and/or marketing team and to successfully populate your sales pipeline with IT sales leads suitable for new business development. Most sales outsourcing companies have their own methodology, but we’ve vetted a process that can work for any appointment setting campaign:

  1. Discovery Phase. Complete a detailed Discovery resulting in the design of a customized Demand Generation Program. Document all critical campaign information, such as (1) the transition process of IT sales leads from marketing to sales, (2) the ins and outs of the solution being marketed, and (3) a detailed call plan.
  2. Personnel Training. Facilitate personnel training and deployment to generate actionable sales appointments with decision-maker prospects in your designated target market.
  3. Marketing Database. Oversee the acquisition of contact data. Then it’s all about database management and reporting of scheduled sales appointments in the prescribed target market. Make sure that your reps are capturing critical data points like addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, times, dates, sales intel and the pertinent information pertaining to the scheduled appointment.
  4. Develop Qualification Guidelines. Whether you hunt for IT sales leads in-house or utilize sales outsourcing companies, sales and marketing departments must come to a common ground on what exactly makes a prospect qualified. At SalesStaff, we guarantee sales appointment delivery and quality (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe).
  5. Closing the Feedback Loop. There must a back-and-forth dialogue between sales and marketing to refine the process of smoothly transitioning highly-qualified IT sales leads. Sales departments must be sure to properly communicate the qualification expectations and give feedback on how that expectation is being met. SalesStaff provides turnkey program management with optimum client communications and operations oversight to effectively close the loop.

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