Appointment Setting Services


A large amount of pressure can be placed on a sales team to generate business through appointment settings activities with other businesses that they feel will have an interest in their products and services. Oftentimes, these departments fail to live up to the demands due to lack of headcount, inability to maintain a steady lead flow or a limited budget. Appointment setting companies can assist a company’s sales team by researching opportunities and gathering all necessary information about the service or product to build up a list of warm prospects and then communicating with the decision makers in order to qualify their needs. In a sense, it is like running a relay race, where the appointment setting companies run the first lap and then hand off the baton to the company’s sales team. Then it is up to them to sell the product at the meeting.

SalesStaff is one of the best appointment setting companies in the U.S. and has a proven track record that is almost unmatched by other similar companies. We boast a 65 percent average for lead-to-opportunity conversion rates, 30 percent higher than the industry standard. By using our unique methods to generate meetings, we start by structuring each demand generation program around a company’s unique message. We also examine their strategies and branding and incorporate those into our findings. This assists us in conducting our sales appointments activities in a more streamlined manner. A strategic call plan is devised to target companies with the highest potential of interest along with a prospect list. Your company will receive professional and intelligent representation when we approach top executives. We use conversational techniques designed to qualify their needs and determine a “fit”. The final result is the executives scheduling an appointment with your sales team.

You might not find this service with some other appointment setting companies. There is a huge difference between appointment setting and professional appointment setting. When you have a staff of professionals with a solid background in the information technology world like SalesStaff does, you have people who can talk the language and convey complex messages that only high-level executives would understand. This increases your chances of obtaining technology sales leads that can turn into a successful venture.

Your company benefits in numerous ways by hiring a B2B appointment setting services company such as SalesStaff. For instance, there are no recruiting costs and the set-up fees are waived.

Outsourcing to SalesStaff also means:

  • Guaranteed production
  • No interruptions for the staffing of your program
  • 30 days from time to impact sales pipelines
  • Fixed costs
  • Guaranteed results for 60 days of activity
  • US-based sales representatives