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5 Emotional Traits of Great Salespeople [SlideShare]

We recently wrote about some research on factors that separate the best salespeople from the weakest, and in keeping with that topic, we discovered this SlideShare from SG Partners. Although it’s not based on any specific research, we found it to be a helpful reminder of some of the emotional traits salespeople should strive to maintain. How many of these five do you embody?


DIY Inside Sales vs. Outsourced Inside Sales: A Side-by-Side Comparison [Resource]

When it comes to lead generation and filling your top-line sales funnel, there are really two choices: (1) You can hunt for leads yourself, or (2) hire an experienced hunter. In this free whitepaper, we intend to show a comparison between building an inside sales team internally or outsourcing the function to a third-party, like SalesStaff. The intent is not to sway the reader one way or another, but to lay out the key differences.

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3 Quick Tips on Syncing Up Your Appointment Setting Team with Your Field Sales Team

Most companies employ two different teams for sales success – the appointment setting, lead generating, phone calling, email prospecting types that do the setup work; and the stone cold closers, the field sales team who are the recipients of those sales opportunities. When your appointment setting team is properly synced up with your field sales team, it’s a beautiful thing. Conversely, when there’s miscommunication bolstered by poor process, things start to break down.

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The Secret Sauce of Successful B2B Sales Managers [Infographic]

I’m not so sure the title of this infographic from AppExchange is exactly accurate, to be honest. There isn’t much in the way of secrets that few people know about. But I thought it was worth blogging because it does give some healthy pointers on: (1) how much time B2B sales managers should probably spend coaching their reps, and (2) how to run an effective sales contest.

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8 Do-It-Yourself SEO Tips to Help B2B Marketing Pros

To use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques or not to use SEO techniques? From our experience at HigherVisibility, many companies are answering the question incorrectly. A 2016 survey by the B2B research company Clutch concluded that about half of the small businesses in the United States with a website do not use SEO techniques.


7 Common Characteristics of High-Growth Inc. 500|5000 Companies

Today, as I pored over the list of fellow 2016 Inc. 5000 companies, I sat back and reflected on this: Which characteristics are most commonly shared by high-growth organizations? I started to do some research on the topic and found some common threads most commonly cited as contributing factors among high-growth companies. Here are a few for you to digest.


7 Ways to Use Jedi Mind Tricks (aka Sales Psychology) in B2B Sales [SlideShare]

The human mind is a quirky thing. Volumes have been written on the techniques of persuasion, and most are applicable to a career in B2B sales. Don’t be mistaken… using sales psychology is not about tricking your prospects or pulling one over on them. It’s about leveraging natural human tendencies and psychological predispositions to help them acquire a solution that could benefit them. This SlideShare uncovers seven idiosyncrasies that salespeople can use to their advantage.


15 Interesting Places to Find Your B2B Sales Prospects [Infographic]

Your B2B sales prospects can be found in a number of ways. You have to go out and find them. Interact with them on their terms, in places that they like to frequent – digital and real-life. We’ve assembled a list of fifteen places where you may be able to find your B2B sales prospects. Some you might have thought of, some you might have forgotten, and some might be new to you.