15 Interesting Places to Find Your B2B Sales Prospects [Infographic]

Your B2B sales prospects can be found in a number of ways. You have to go out and find them. Interact with them on their terms, in places that they like to frequent – digital and real-life. We’ve assembled a list of fifteen places where you may be able to find your B2B sales prospects. Some you might have thought of, some you might have forgotten, and some might be new to you.

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These 6 Factors Separate the Best B2B Salespeople from the Weakest [Research]

Today, I wanted to share some insights from one of the best sales articles of the past few years, in my opinion. It was originally published on the Harvard Business Review (HBR). It’s an article based on research about which factors separate strong salespeople from weaker ones. The question he poses that he sought an answer to was this: What separates high-performing salespeople who exceed their quota from underperformers who miss their quotas by more than 25%?


7 Tips to Turn B2B Sales and Marketing Professionals into PowerPoint Power Users [Infographic]

It’s one of those intangibles that you’ll never really know how much money it makes you (or loses you). It can be done extremely well or extremely badly. It is your Powerpoint sales presentation (or any other B2B sales or marketing slide deck). Check out this infographic from STL with some quick tips on how to be a Powerpoint pro.


20+ Hacks to Juice More B2B Sales Activity Out of Your LinkedIn Profile [SlideShare]

LinkedIn has made the platform very useful for prospecting, recruiting, information-gathering, and a host of other tasks. There are some really cool ways to leverage LinkedIn for B2B sales prospecting – some you know about and some that might be new to you. Thumb through this SlideShare deck from Hubspot for some quick hits on how to maximize your use of LinkedIn.

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The Game Has Changed: 5 Nuances of Selling into the Healthcare Market

Selling into the healthcare vertical is inherently different than selling into other industries for a variety of reasons. The constant flux caused by market forces, provider consolidation, and government policy creates a challenging and dynamic marketplace. Drawing from our experience bringing valuable financial solutions to the healthcare market, we’ve identified quite a few shifts in recent years that have changed the way vendors sell into the space. Here, I’ve outlined five of the most compelling nuances of selling into the healthcare vertical.


100 Best B2B Sales and Marketing Infographics

Every week, we post some sort of mixed media related to sales and marketing – sometimes an infographic, sometimes a SlideShare, and sometimes a video. Why? Humans are visual creatures. We love infographics for the same reason you do; they’re an incredible vehicle to get information in a graphically appealing format. We’ve compiled 100 of the best B2B sales and marketing infographics from around the web for you to download in one shot.