Two doctors explaining to a patient her medical condition. 


The Game Has Changed: 5 Nuances of Selling into the Healthcare Market

Selling into the healthcare vertical is inherently different than selling into other industries for a variety of reasons. The constant flux caused by market forces, provider consolidation, and government policy creates a challenging and dynamic marketplace. Drawing from our experience bringing valuable financial solutions to the healthcare market, we’ve identified quite a few shifts in recent years that have changed the way vendors sell into the space. Here, I’ve outlined five of the most compelling nuances of selling into the healthcare vertical.


100 Best B2B Sales and Marketing Infographics

Every week, we post some sort of mixed media related to sales and marketing – sometimes an infographic, sometimes a SlideShare, and sometimes a video. Why? Humans are visual creatures. We love infographics for the same reason you do; they’re an incredible vehicle to get information in a graphically appealing format. We’ve compiled 100 of the best B2B sales and marketing infographics from around the web for you to download in one shot.


Which is More Important, Inbound or Outbound B2B Marketing Tactics? Demand Metric Survey Declares a Winner [New Research]

So which is more important to a business’s success – inbound marketing or outbound marketing? I guess it depends who you ask. If you ask Hubspot, they’ll tell you inbound all the way. If you ask an email marketing provider, they’ll tell you outbound is the way to go. But as it turns out from a new study from Demand Metric & Act-On Software, it’s dead even. For now, we can declare a tie.


Fascinating and Insightful B2B Sales and Marketing Trends for the Rest of 2016 [Infographic]

There are all kinds of interesting statistics on B2B sales and marketing out there for your consumption. But I think SalesForLife did a great job of using some of that data to support some trends they’ve identified in 2016. Data-driven and predictive analytics will take over B2B sales and contribute to key buying decisions, if their trends are to be trusted. Take a look for yourself.


50 Hacks to Amp Up Your Daily Productivity [Infographic]

Sometimes you just feel out of it. You sit at your desk stare at the screen for five minutes figuring out which of your 27 tasks you’re going to tackle first. There are days where all of us just need to slow down, change a few small habits perhaps, and get back to being bright and productive. The infographic from Wrike below offers some quick hits in the productivity department.