5 Lessons for B2B Salespeople Straight from Your Potential Customers [SlideShare]

We love slide decks that tell us a story and this one is a captivating look at how B2B sales has changed, backed up with some solid statistics on how salespeople go to market, how they’re perceived by buyers and more. Did you know that 58% of buyers want to talk pricing on the first sales call? Makes sense. See what else you hadn’t realized by flipping through the slides.

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4 Ways to Get Your Social Network to Notice You on LinkedIn in Just 20 Minutes a Day

If you’re even moderately active on LinkedIn, you likely have many hundreds of connections. There’s a lot of noise in the status feeds and in the groups. Everyone on LinkedIn has a whole slew of messages in their inbox, and connection requests they haven’t gotten around to looking over. So how can you stand out in such a large pond with so much turbulence? Here are a few ways you can get noticed on LinkedIn (and hopefully generate activity for yourself), in less time than it takes to finish your morning coffee.


Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for B2B Sales [Infographic]

For B2B sales professionals, LinkedIn is a place where you can tell your clients and prospects in a few sentences how you can help them solve problems. What should your LinkedIn profile contain? How should it look? Hubspot put together a nice infographic templatizing an optimal LinkedIn profile. We thought we’d share that with you here today.

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4 Mistakes Every B2B Sales Pro Makes (and How to Avoid Them)

B2B sales has its pitfalls, like any profession. In fact, it is such a nuanced profession that there are more pitfalls than most professions. There’s a fine art to prospecting, presenting, and persuading. Here, you’ll find four mistakes every B2B sales pro has made – and if they tell you they never have, they’re lying or haven’t been on the job long enough.


The Tried-and-True ‘222 Method’ for B2B Sales Prospecting That Yields 1,560 Touches a Year

It’s a lesson in consistency – a lesson in doing the small things every day that, over time, add up to huge results. While I have seen different iterations of the ‘222 Method’ for B2B sales prospecting, it popped up again in my news feed, this time from sales coach Paul Castain, and I thought it was definitely worth the share as a reminder that consistent activity in B2B sales prospecting yields huge results. In this case, by sticking to this little formula, you can increase your number of yearly touches by over 1,500.


The 40 Best B2B Sales Twitter Accounts To Follow. [Infographic]

In its ten years in existence, Twitter has proven to be a wealth of information – correction: a wealth of guideposts to information we want. In the world of B2B sales, there are a number of key influencers that flex their might on Twitter. We amassed our list of the 40 best B2B sales Tweeters – people and brands that always seem to have something salient to say (or share) about the sales profession and how to be successful.

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9 B2B Appointment Setting All-Stars Share their Best-Kept Secrets

At SalesStaff, our Inside Sales Representatives are the ones that have perfected the craft of early funnel sales conversion. They know the ins and outs of how to reach prospects, what to say and how to say it to incite genuine interest, how to plant seeds of value in a short few minute time window. So I asked some of our Inside Sales Representatives: What is the key to being successful at sales prospecting?

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5 Emotional Traits of Great Salespeople [SlideShare]

We recently wrote about some research on factors that separate the best salespeople from the weakest, and in keeping with that topic, we discovered this SlideShare from SG Partners. Although it’s not based on any specific research, we found it to be a helpful reminder of some of the emotional traits salespeople should strive to maintain. How many of these five do you embody?


DIY Inside Sales vs. Outsourced Inside Sales: A Side-by-Side Comparison [Resource]

When it comes to lead generation and filling your top-line sales funnel, there are really two choices: (1) You can hunt for leads yourself, or (2) hire an experienced hunter. In this free whitepaper, we intend to show a comparison between building an inside sales team internally or outsourcing the function to a third-party, like SalesStaff. The intent is not to sway the reader one way or another, but to lay out the key differences.