Examining the True Cost of Hiring the Wrong B2B Sales Reps

Evaluating the true cost of hiring the wrong B2B sales reps is an oft-debated subject. I mean we can all agree that it is a critical business analysis. Not all of the true costs are apparent as you can dice up the cost a hundred different ways. Some intangible costs are barely noticed or evaluated, as if invisible. Like what about when a sales rep’s attitude affects others on the sales team. You can’t measure that. So we’ll focus on the things you CAN measure.


How to Make Your LinkedIn Connection Requests Way Less Creepy

“Oh hey, this fellow looks like someone I’d like to know,” you say as you click ‘Connect’ and move on to the next item on your agenda. I’m as guilty as most LinkedIn users are of sending generic connection requests. Seems harmless, right? But Hubspot published some research which suggests that generic LinkedIn requests can alter someone’s initial perception of you. People react differently to a customized LinkedIn request rather than a generic one.


Stop Losing B2B Sales Leads: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedInStumbleUponPrintE-mailRedditBuffer B2B sales leads can fall out of the sales funnel for a variety of reasons. Today’s sales teams are working in an environment where the seller-customer relationship is transforming rapidly. Social media and big data give us the ability to connect with customers on a personal level. Living in the information age has taught … Continued


How to Sell to Informed vs. Uninformed B2B Sales Prospects

Most B2B prospects fall somewhere in the middle, but knowing how to appeal to both the naïve, hopeful new B2B prospects and the savvy but tough professionals can help your build lucrative relationships that last. It’s easy to feel intimidated by that experienced B2B prospect – or to underestimate the new procurement specialist – but learning more about what these professionals expect from and understand about your product can help you target your approach.


4 Tasks you Should Tend to After All B2B Sales Appointments

The things you do after a sales call have a huge impact on how your future with the client will go. Closing a big sale is nice – and yields a good paycheck, but developing a long-term relationship with your client is far more lucrative. The things you do right after a sales appointment have a big impact on how that long-term relationship can progress.


How Many Email Attempts Do you Make to an Inbound B2B Sales Lead before Giving Up?

How many email attempts should you make to an inbound B2B sales lead before you give up? There is no reason you should email these people one-on-one ad infinitum. Maybe you drop them into a lead nurturing track at some point, but the direct outreach attempts shouldn’t go on forever. Obviously there are diminishing returns at some point. Where that point is, I’m not so sure. It probably differs from company to company.