The Ultimate Guide to Crafting a B2B Sales Presentation that Helps You Sell [SlideShare]

The way you tell your organization’s narrative is just as crucial as the narrative itself. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid sales presentation. Once a prospect has been hooked into your story, the onus is on you to ensure that they hang around a bit. If you haven’t audited your B2B sales presentation in a while, you might consider it for 2016 – keeping in mind some of these incredible tips.


How to Respond to the ‘I Need a Better Price’ Objection

“Can we do any better on price?” This question can bring your negotiations to a screeching halt – and could even cost you thousands in commission. Knowing how to respond when you get a price objection and navigating your way through the discussion is a must if you want to avoid offering a discount on every sale you make.


Which B2B Marketing Channels Deliver the Highest Conversion? [Infographic]

CRM company Implisit released an infographic last year detailing all kinds of interesting statistics about various B2B marketing channels and the performance of sales leads derived from those channels. Through the analysis of hundreds of company pipelines, they benchmarked and tracked leads from various sources to see where they landed. Some of the information is fairly predictable but some might surprise you.


5 Killer Email Subject Lines for B2B Sales and Marketing Folks

Crafting a great email is important to B2B sales and marketing success – we all know that. Getting them to open and read your carefully-crafted email is a whole ‘nuther ball game and that rests mostly on your subject line. Fortunately, there are a ton of expert studies that we can draw useful information from. As Contact Monkey points out, writing the type of subject lines that get the most opens is a numbers game. Bottom line? Your subject lines should be engaging. Here’s a few to help you on your way.


All B2B Sales Leads Are Not Created Equal [Infographic]

Over the next few months, we will be featuring new content that addresses some of the most common B2B sales challenges faced by real-world sales and marketing teams. The first challenge we addressed is getting to the RIGHT prospects. The second challenge in the series is: How can we shift the focus from creating lots and lots of leads to increasing our output of QUALIFIED leads?


New Research Reveals Which B2B Lead Attribution Models Marketers Prefer [Infographic]

Now that we know B2B buyers often take a multi-touch journey along the way to a sale, one of the most pressing issues surrounding B2B marketing models is how to attribute leads to a source (or multiple sources)? Applying data from the 2015 State of Pipeline Marketing Report, this infographic from Bizible displays the current state of marketing attribution.


Recent Study Suggests that the Most Influential B2B Sales Interactions are… Drum Roll [New Research]

Think about B2B purchases that you’ve made. Which interactions with the vendor most influenced your purchase decision? Perhaps calling on their references was one of them or some of their marketing literature. Maybe the whitepaper content or even their sales presentation was really influential for you. But none of those took the top spot according to a recent study from Gartner. Can you guess what did?


4 Things You Should Probably Do in the First 3 Months of Your New B2B Sales Job

Most jobs cut you some slack — at least for a while — when you’re new. In a B2B sales job, that honeymoon period is particularly brief, and you’re expected to be up and running at full capacity very quickly. Your first three months will help set the stage for success in your new role, so plan to use that time wisely. By mapping out a strategy that encompasses important tasks in four major areas, you can get a healthy jump on building relationships with your prospects and, ultimately, closing sales.

Selling over the phone.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Over the Phone – Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know [Infographic]

This infographic was put together by consulting firm The Gap Partnership, and covers just about every aspect of phone selling from A to Z – everything from pre-call preparation to non-verbal communication relayed over the phone. As loyal citizens of the phone sales world, we found the infographic insightful and wanted to share it with our readers. Enjoy and happy selling!


2 Huge Reasons Why Q4 is the Best Time to Kick Your B2B Lead Generation Activity into Overdrive

In Q4, sales managers often adopt the mindset that this time of the year may not be best to ratchet up lead gen activity. The thinking is often that the holidays produce a lull for prospecting. Sales targets may be out of pocket for stretches of time and hard to reach. But drawing on our experience setting tens of thousands of appointments annually, Q4 tends to be the best time for sales prospecting – by nearly 15% over the next most fruitful quarter. Why? There are two key reasons.