Huh? LinkedIn Displaced by Twitter as the #1 Social Media Site for Salespeople

I was shocked to read in this Forbes article that Twitter has become the top Social Media site for salespeople. Mark Fidelman, CEO for Evolve! And author of Socialized!, wrote the article, citing a research study he conducted with his client. Among a field of 524 sales professionals, Twitter got the nod – over LinkedIn – as the site most used in the sales process.


Pop Quiz: Can You Guess Which Factor is Cited as the #1 B2B Sales Effectiveness Barrier?

It’s challenging to onboard new sales reps and get them ramped up quickly. Is that it? Nope. Didn’t even crack the top 10. Is it sales and marketing alignment (or the lack thereof)? Nope. That’s #7. Then it has to be that companies aren’t closing at high enough rates. Nope, again. That’s #3. Can you guess which factor is cited most as the barrier to B2B sales effectiveness?


Hunters and Farmers – Why the ‘Hunter’ Analogy Doesn’t Always Apply to B2B Sales Anymore

Traditionally, B2B sales professionals have been characterized as either farmers or hunters. They are broad generalizations on the selling style of certain B2B sales pros. My contention now is that, although these characterizations may still apply to some salespeople, marketers have taken n the role of the farmer, and salespeople are the harvesters.

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LinkedIn is Destroying Other B2B Sales Intelligence Solutions in These Latest Rankings

On the latest version of the G2 Crowd comparison of B2B sales intelligence solutions, you’ll definitely find some of the usual suspects – the Dun & Bradstreets and Data.coms of the world – but as it turns out, LinkedIn has become so much more that a social network for business people. LinkedIn Sales Navigator leads the pack, jumping all of the usual suspects. And it makes sense.

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4 Surefire Tactics to Get Out of a B2B Sales Slump

B2B sales is a profession of ebbs and flows. Anyone in B2B sales has been in a slump – when your rhythm is broken, when you can’t seem to win a deal no matter what you do, when you are working harder but you’re off the pace to meet quota and the pressure is on. It’s not a phenomenon that’s exclusively a B2B sales issue. Poker players call it a bad run of cards. Economists call it a recession or (worse) a depression. Athletes call it a cold streak. How do you get out of a sales slump?


I’ll Be Back… The Buyer’s Way of Letting You Down Gently and How to Avoid It

The Be-Backs left on the Be-Back bus and they’re never coming back. Customers who promise to come back, call back, and everything else usually don’t. It’s a natural phenomenon for people to promise that they’ll come back in order to make the salesperson feel better, or to be left alone. But it’s something a seasoned salesperson has heard thousands of times. But how can you avoid the Be-Backs?

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Stop What You’re Doing and Discover Which 4 Characteristics Separate Strong B2B Sales Performers from Weak Ones

FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedInStumbleUponPrintE-mailRedditBuffer The results of a research project were recently published to the Harvard Business Journal by Steve Martin – the USC professor, not the actor. The research was designed, in part, to better answer the question: What factors separate strong B2B sales performers from weak ones? To give you some background on the credibility of … Continued