1 Million B2B Sales Pros to be Out of a Job by 2020 – Or Will They?

This year, Forrester issued a report that forecasted 1 million lost jobs by US B2B sales professionals by 2020. They posit that this will be due to the rise of self-service eCommerce. I just don’t think that the B2B sales professional will be rendered obsolete any time in the near future. If anything, they will become more crucial to a healthy sales organization.


The Numbing Effect of Sending Unnecessary Emails

You can probably sympathize with me on this one. Have you ever clicked on a link in an email and then three seconds later, you get ANOTHER email saying ‘thanks for clicking through to our website’? It seems extraneous… unless the email is offering me something of additional value. Our email inboxes are full as it is and it’s creating a dangerous trend in B2B marketing – prospects can become numb to email as a marketing channel.


4 Ways to Improve the Relationship Between B2B Sales and Marketing Departments

We’ve all been there – the back-and-forth between sales and marketing departments. Sometimes the sales and marketing departments have a strained relationship. When you think about it, it makes sense. Their goals are deeply interconnected, but they go about achieving these objectives in different ways. Here are four ways to improve this relationship.


Someone Did a Study on Saying ‘Umm’ in B2B Sales Calls – The Results Are Ummbelievable

I ran across a study done by a company called Accuvit that analyzed the impact of using filler words in B2B sales calls – fillers like ‘Umm’, ‘Uh’, ‘Like’, and so on. My first reaction was “Somebody actually did a study on this?!?” But then I read on and started thinking “How interesting. I’m so glad someone did a study on this.” I wanted to share some of the more remarkable findings.


5 Keys to Negotiating Deals in B2B Sales

Negotiating deals in B2B sales is more than just hammering out the details of the sale. The actual negotiation can begin long before you sit down with your buyer; the better you prepare and qualify your prospect, the easier it will be for you to work through the negotiation process. Showing up cold can backfire in more ways than one, but if you enter negotiations having already prepped your buyer to be happy to see you, knowledgeable about your offering and able to make decisions, the process becomes surprisingly simple. These five tips will help you along the way.


5 Secrets Top B2B Sales Pros Use To Electrify Their Storytelling Skills

When it comes to top B2B sales pros, this question has been bantered about for decades. The high-rollers harbor secrets that make them a consistent success. While we may think it’s organizational skills, or deliberate follow through, one of the surefire keys to their success is the ability to reach the prospect with their message. In short, they tell a good story. Learn how here.