Complete Checklist to Strategically Map Out Your Company’s Buyer Personas

Marketing campaigns are time consuming and costly to initiate, and may fall flat if they miss their mark. That’s why establishing accurate, relevant buyer personas is critically important to maximize solid ROI from marketing endeavors. Otherwise, companies may engage with their specific prospects, or they may miss them altogether, convert no leads, and offer zero revenue contribution. All of this depends on nailing the buyer persona.


Do Executives with a Sales Background Make the Best CEOs?

Essentially, I have worked for CEOs that come from a Finance background, some from Operations, and even one that came from an HR background. But the few that I have worked with that come from a Sales background have been the savviest and have pushed company growth into the stratosphere. It’s that anecdotal experience on which I take the position that sales-minded executives are usually a good fit for the Chief Executive role.


5 Potent B2B Marketing Metrics Smart Marketers Wield to Demonstrate Their Value

When review time rolls around, marketing professionals need to have their metrics hemmed up to demonstrate value. Luckily, marketing these days is largely data-driven, especially in the B2B world. With a little digging, you will be able to show just how much your actions have added positively to the bottom line. Here are five potent metrics smart marketers can wield to show that they are carrying their weight.


6 Easy Hacks for the B2B Sales Person Who Is Too Busy To Prospect

Pushing prospecting to the back burner is a big mistake. Eventually, current client erosion happens from pricing issues, management changes, businesses closing, just to name a few. B2B sales people who fail at prospecting end up suffering big losses in their paychecks, and sometimes their jobs! Even if every day is packed to the brim, these six easy hacks will help fit prospecting into your schedule.


3 Essential Marketing Skills Every Salesperson Needs

B2B sales and marketing are becoming increasingly social and connected – and learning some essential marketing skills can help you perfectly position yourself for a pitch or close. At its core, marketing is the science of attracting potential buyers – and what sales rep doesn’t want to do more of that?


Hard Data: Why B2B Companies Lose Accounts

A company called AskForensics investigated why major accounts were lost by conducting in-depth interviews with client companies of Fortune-level organizations. The data represented in their analysis represents more than $2 billion in total contract value. Here’s what they uncovered in their 2014 data about buyer requirements of vendors and providers.


1 Million B2B Sales Pros to be Out of a Job by 2020 – Or Will They?

This year, Forrester issued a report that forecasted 1 million lost jobs by US B2B sales professionals by 2020. They posit that this will be due to the rise of self-service eCommerce. I just don’t think that the B2B sales professional will be rendered obsolete any time in the near future. If anything, they will become more crucial to a healthy sales organization.