The function of B2B appointment setting has advanced from an art to a science. It involves concentration and commitment to generate B2B sales leads. We have a few tips to pass along to you sales and marketing professionals to help your efforts:

  1. Pose your value proposition and do it fast. Within the first few sentences, you must say what makes your company different. Pique their interest on the front side and then expound once you've "captured" your prospect. And remember to put your value proposition in terms of the expected output for the prospect and the benefit to them.
  2. Utilize a predefined call flow. Unless you’re careful, your leads can end up floating around in no-man’s land. B2B appointment setting depends on a callflow that works. Use email in combination with calls to make your prospecting a bit warmer. So, for example, you might hone in on a callflow of Call-Email-Call-Call-Call-Email-Drop for a lengthier campaign. On the other hand if you're burning and turning to generate event attendees for a webinar or event, you might go with Email-Call-Call-Email-Drop. Either way, experimentation is the key to finding out what works best in setting sales appointments.
  3. Sustain a healthy inside sales pipeline. In order to be successful, you must treat your inside sales efforts the same way an outside salesperson would. In other words, stay on top of follow-ups, and advance leads through the funnel with e-mails and conversations until you get the win, or in this case, sales appointments. If you are running low on follow-up activity, it's time to drop another list of prospects into the top of your inside sales funnel.
  4. Always come across as a fresh voice. I guarantee you that your prospects don’t want to pick up the phone and hear someone droning on in monotone speech. Sound as agreeable and welcoming on the 200th call as you do on the 5th to ensure B2B appointment setting success.
  5. Send Outlook meeting invites to all parties and make sure they accept. This is so vital. In a non-threatening manner, it indicates your prospects' recognition and acceptance of the meeting they've granted you. If you don't get a meeting acceptance back within 24 hours, call them up again and courteously ask if they caught your e-mail.

We know these things because SalesStaff is a group of B2B appointment setting companies that are fanatical about helping companies grow through our refined pay for performance B2B appointment setting program. We take pride in bridging exciting vendors with qualified sales prospects. If you've considered outsourcing lead generation, we'd enjoy the opportunity to deliver a proposal for technology sales leads in your industry. We encourage you to take a look at our IT marketing services.

To find out more about our inside sales outsourcing program to generate IT sales leads, contact SalesStaff at (888) 591-8022 x333 or email info@salesstaff-it.com.


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